Click here to download SADP for MAC
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    • SADP Tool for MAC

      Click here to download the SADP Tool for MAC.
    • SADP Tool for Windows

      Click here to download SADP for windows.
    • SADP Error Codes

            SADP Error Codes   SADP Error Code Error Code information SADP_NOERROR 0 No Error SADP_ALLOC_RESOURCE_ERROR 2001 Allocation of resource error SADP_NOT_START_ERROR 2002 SADP not started SADP_NO_ADAPTER_ERROR 2003 No NIC ...
    • Using SADP tool

      Step 1: Install the SADP Tool Application Step 2: Make sure that the computer/laptop is in the same network as the IP Cameras/NVR/DVR. Step 3: The SADP application will list the “Inactive” devices connected to the switch as shown in the figure below. ...
    • SADP Reset Process

         Reset Device password using SADP Tool (Note: Do not disconnect or power off the recorder or cameras till the process is finished) Download SADP Tool: Step 1: Select the desired device by ...