IE Web Component fix

IE Web Component fix





How to install Web Components Plugin for Viewing devices on Internet Explorer

Purpose: This document provides instructions to fix the Plugin issue for internet explorer to view camera stream.

(Note: Internet explorer is the recommended browser for viewing the video stream)

Step 1: This step should be performed if you already have a plugin installed in the past and still have trouble viewing the cameras on Internet explorer.

Go to Settings  Apps & Features  Uninstall ‘Web Components’

Step2 : Open the Internet explorer browser and login to the desired device. Now click on the link provided on the internet explorer page for downloading the Plugin. Refer to the figure below.

Step 3: Save the file to a desired location and close all the internet explorer browsers.

(Note: The plugin does not install while the internet explorer browsers are open)

Step 4: After the download is finished, you should see the icon as shown in the figure below. Double click on the icon and follow the steps to installation.

Step 5: Restart the internet explorer browser and you should be able to view your devices.

(For more assistance call Hino Technical at +1 469-444-2999)

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