Batch Upgrade

Batch Upgrade







Batch Upgrade IP Camera with Batch Configuration Tool













This document provides step by steps instructions on using the Batch upgrade tool for upgrading the IP Cameras.

(Note: The following steps are applicable when upgrading other supported devices.)

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Step 1: Select the “Inactive” cameras and click on “Activate”. It will open the activate window for creating a new password for the cameras.


Step 2:  Input the password for the cameras and click “Activate”.










Step 3: As noticed from the screenshot below, the status of the cameras is changed to “Active”. Select the cameras and click “ Modify Network Parameters” for assigning IP addresses to the devices.









Step 4: Input an IP Address in the “Start IP” space or select “Enable DHCP” if not sure of the IP address to assign.

If given a “Start IP”, the tool will assign IP addresses to reset of the cameras consecutively after the Start IP address. Input the port as 8000 and HTTP Port as 80. Enter the password and click “OK”.

(Note: Please make sure there is no IP Conflict with any other devices on the network)





Step 5: As noticed below, the cameras have been assigned IP addresses. Now select the cameras and click “Add”.









Step 6: Input the password for the cameras and click “OK”. The cameras will be added into the tool.









Step 7: Once the cameras are added, select the cameras and click on “Upgrade”. This will open the “Upgrade in Batch” window.









Step 8: In the “Upgrade in Batch” window, select the folder icon and browse to the upgrade file (digicap.dav).

Select “Reboot the device after upgrade” for finishing the upgrade.








Step 9: Once the upgrade is finished, select the cameras and click “Restore Defaults” à Restore all for resetting the cameras to the “Inactive status” is needed.

See the figures below for reference.

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