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Guarding Vision 3.1 Client for WindowsDownload

SADP tool for Windows: Download

SADP tool for MAC: Download

Batch Configuration Tool for Windows: Download

VS Player 7.3.0 for Windows: Download

CMS Client for Windows: Download

CMS Client for MAC: Download

CMS Lite (Guarding Vision Lite): Download

Disk Calculator for Windows: Download
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    • MP10A Charge controller

      MP10A Charge controller - Should be a fairly plug and play device.  Does not seem to be charging at all. 20V on solar,   12.4v on battery.   Docs on this are extremely lacking, +/- Battery +/- Solar +/- Load Those are obvious  have at least 4 extra undocumented
    • IP Camera Features

      Functionality involved in IP Cameras
    • WDR

      What is WDR In many practical surveillance applications, the intensity of illumination with a scene can vary excessively. Images taken by standard cameras always seem to have an overexposed foreground or too dark a background due to the limitation of a camera sensors’ sensitivity. Over the course of a day, the situation can change with different areas of the scene being over or underexposed. What is required in this situation is a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera. WDR surveillance cameras can filter
    • Welcome to Community

      The Community hub inside Zoho Desk lets you build a powerful community around your business, while still serving customers via other channels. Your customers can post 4 types of content within your community. These are Ideas, Questions, Problems and Discussions. Each of these serves a particular purpose. When your customers have something to discuss with you, they can post a discussion within your community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate. Your customers can ask you specific questions
    • Popular Articles

    • SADP Error Codes

            SADP Error Codes   SADP Error Code Error Code information SADP_NOERROR 0 No Error SADP_ALLOC_RESOURCE_ERROR 2001 Allocation of resource error SADP_NOT_START_ERROR 2002 SADP not started SADP_NO_ADAPTER_ERROR 2003 No NIC ...
    • IE Web Component fix

              How to install Web Components Plugin for Viewing devices on Internet Explorer Purpose: This document provides instructions to fix the Plugin issue for internet explorer to view camera stream. (Note: Internet explorer is the recommended ...
    • How to access NVR web interface

      How to Access NVR Web Interface May. 25th, 2018 Ver.1.0 You can access NVR/DVR web interface and perform live view, play back and configuration. To access the web interface, please follow the steps listed bleow: Go to NVR menu and then configuration ...
    • User Manual and Quick Start for AR326-8 and AR326-16

      User Manual Quick Start
    • General Trouble Shooting Gudie for Hinovision IP Cameras

      Quick Trouble Shooting Guide For  Hinovision IP Cameras Hinovision Technical Team Aug. 24th, 2018 Ver.2.0 Contents I cannot find the camera in the network I cannot connect the camera to NVR I forgot my password I cannot connect my system to phone app ...