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Guarding Vision 3.1 Client for WindowsDownload

SADP tool for Windows: Download

SADP tool for MAC: Download

Batch Configuration Tool for Windows: Download

VS Player 7.3.0 for Windows: Download

CMS Client for Windows: Download

CMS Client for MAC: Download

CMS Lite (Guarding Vision Lite): Download

Disk Calculator for Windows: Download
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    • IP Camera Features

      Functionality involved in IP Cameras
    • WDR

      What is WDR In many practical surveillance applications, the intensity of illumination with a scene can vary excessively. Images taken by standard cameras always seem to have an overexposed foreground or too dark a background due to the limitation of a camera sensors’ sensitivity. Over the course of a day, the situation can change with different areas of the scene being over or underexposed. What is required in this situation is a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) camera. WDR surveillance cameras can filter
    • Welcome to Community

      The Community hub inside Zoho Desk lets you build a powerful community around your business, while still serving customers via other channels. Your customers can post 4 types of content within your community. These are Ideas, Questions, Problems and Discussions. Each of these serves a particular purpose. When your customers have something to discuss with you, they can post a discussion within your community. It's a great way to debate and collaborate. Your customers can ask you specific questions
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    • SADP Error Codes

            SADP Error Codes   SADP Error Code Error Code information SADP_NOERROR 0 No Error SADP_ALLOC_RESOURCE_ERROR 2001 Allocation of resource error SADP_NOT_START_ERROR 2002 SADP not started SADP_NO_ADAPTER_ERROR 2003 No NIC ...
    • IE Web Component fix

              How to install Web Components Plugin for Viewing devices on Internet Explorer Purpose: This document provides instructions to fix the Plugin issue for internet explorer to view camera stream. (Note: Internet explorer is the recommended ...
    • General Trouble Shooting Gudie for Hinovision IP Cameras

      Quick Trouble Shooting Guide For  Hinovision IP Cameras Hinovision Technical Team Aug. 24th, 2018 Ver.2.0 Contents I cannot find the camera in the network I cannot connect the camera to NVR I forgot my password I cannot connect my system to phone app ...
    • Batch Upgrade

                  Batch Upgrade IP Camera with Batch Configuration Tool                       Purpose: This document provides step by steps instructions on using the Batch upgrade tool for upgrading the IP Cameras. (Note: The following steps are applicable ...
    • How to configure LiveTracker2 for Facebook Live

      How to Configure Hinovision LiveTracker2  for Facebook Live? Hinovision Technical Team Jan. 6rd, 2017 Ver.1.0 Hinovision LiveTracker2 supports RTMP protocol. It provides all the hardware and software you need to achieve Facebook Live in a single ...